This page keeps you up to date with the activities, news and events organised by or connected to NAS Richmond, as well as an opportunity to let you know about our forthcoming coffee events.  Please, feel free to look around the rest of our  webpage and find out about our other activities, details of other groups in this area, plus news and information.


The coffee mornings are held in association with Skylarks, and they take place at the Crossway Centre. 306, Richmond Road, East Twickenham. TW1 2PD. Please see the map to find the Crossway Centre’s location.

The nearest parking facilities are at Marble Hill Park’s Pay & Display car park. Directions to this venue can be found on the Skylarks website: www.skylarks.charity

There is a creche facility available - places need to be booked with Skylarks. Email them at  info@skylarks.charity or phone 07946 646033.

Our next coffee event:

As soon as we can restart them. we will let you know here

Please click HERE to go to our Activities and Support page to find out more about what's happening.


We are all volunteers at NAS Richmond, we don't have an office nor do we get paid.

We are mostly parents of children and young adults on the spectrum. The covid situation and other health problems has severely restricted what we have been able to do, however the fact that a lot of meetings have been online lately due to covid has helped us.

We have been struggling to attend all of the important children and adult services meetings at the council and other places which we get invited to where it is vital that the voice of the local autistic community is heard. That is however exactly what we have been doing.

We have neglected this website a little and we know we have been been slow to answer emails however we have made sure that at least 1 person from our group has attended all the vital meetings where services and service provision for those on the autistic spectrum in Richmond is being discussed and major decisions are made.

We have been given a little help from NAS head office recently who found someone to help update our information pack and we may have some more assistance soon with our emails but we would still like to hear from any volunteers who feels they could make a contribution. most useful is just a little bit of your time to help with our website or to join our committee which usually meets online about once every 3 months, we still want to hear from you on any matter that you think we should raise at those meetings or about anything else.


We are currently organising the return of our coffee mornings, which will be held at Skylarks, if anyone would like to volunteer to help out or have any ideas on discussions, please feel free to get in touch. Alternatively, if you would like to come along for a coffee and chat then we would love to see you.

I will update the webpage, as soon as we have a date planned.

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